A Tradition Unlike Any Other: Muting Chris Berman And Watching The Home Run Derby


Just a friendly neighborhood reminder the home run derby is tonight and Chris Berman will be there doing his absolute best to annoy anyone with ears and/or a brain. Sweating profusely and sounding like a 500 pound woman sat on a cat, Berman will do his best to further ruin the 3 hour batting practice.

Also, it’s a shame they haven’t been back to Camden Yards since 1993. If only the Derby was there when everyone was juicing, every window in the warehouse would have been cracked.


PS: Juan Gonzalez is the forgotten hero of the 90s.


Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 4.54.38 PM


Sweet mullet, perfect stache, and those guns? To put it in espanol, au naturale.