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Somebody Recreated Bob Knight Infamously Throwing His Chair in Animal Crossing

I must admit I'm not up on the entire Animal Crossing craze because I'm not a Nintendo guy, so I don't entirely understand what the point of this game is. I don't really understand why there's a miniature Indiana basketball court outside in the middle of a field. But if you can recreate 35-year-old college basketball highlights of a crazed madman with a smiling, cherub-like avatar, then I think that's exclusively what the game should be used for.

I've always loved that moment just because something like that could never happen now. Any coach who pulled something like that would be fired on the spot, but Bobby Knight did whatever the hell he wanted and didn't give a damn about any potential ramifications — to both his credit and detriment. I'd actually love for Knight to have come along today, to really test the lim its of what colleges are willing to put up with to get results. i think it would be fascinating to see how his career would play out now.

I don't know if the guy who said he wants to be buried face-down so all his critics could kiss his ass one last time would enjoy Animal Crossing too much, but this was a good use of the internet. Well done.