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The NFL's Onside Kick Replacement Where A Team Had To Convert A 4th & 15 Has Been Shot Down For Now

I know this rule proposal was divisive like pretty much everything else in 2020 with some people treating kickoffs like they are the lifeline of the history of the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE despite the NFL trying to do everything to pretty much eliminate them from the game without actually eliminating them from the game for safety reasons. I get that a 4th & 15 onside is the epitome of a gimmicky change and seem to be a distinct advantage for teams with great quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes and Daniel Jones. But I was personally for the rule change just because who doesn't like some fun, a little late drama, and if you couldn't get weird with a rule like this in what is likely to be the weirdest NFL season any of us will ever experience, when could you? 

But it got shot down or shelved or cuncelled or whatever term you want to throw out there, which I won't lose any sleep over. However, we are now back to the status quo with an onside kick that gets converted about as much as one in Madden does.

So I guess it's time for the NFL to go back to the drawing board if they want to "fix" the onside kick except there will be no XFL or any other alternative football league to cheat off of, which sucks. But to be honest, simply typing out the words 4th & 15, looking for a gif of Patrick Mahomes, and thinking about an NFL season got me more excited than pretty much anything else has over the last 10 weeks.