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Is The Reverse Microwave Finally Here?

Foodbeast - Microwaves are handy little units when we want to heat food or drinks up quickly. However, never before has there been a gadget that does just the opposite — cooling without the long wait. That is, until now. A product of Enviro-Cool Limited, V-Tex is an environmentally-friendly, efficient system that cools beverages in a matter of seconds. From wine bottles to soda cans, the unit is able to chill drinks in all types of containers without disturbing carbonation. How? V-Tex uses a “start stop rotational sequence” to create a Rankine vortex, which essentially keeps a drink in its original state while quickly bringing down the temperature. The reverse microwave requires nearly 80% less energy than many standard drink chillers, allowing consumers to save money and keep things green. It also frees up standard refrigerator space, since most beverages can be stored at room temperature elsewhere until right before serving.


How fucking astonishing is it that we put a man on the moon but the reverse microwave isn’t a common household appliance? Like, are we finally going to be able to get a beer cold in under a half an hour? How many times have you played the “I’ll just put my beer in the freezer for a minute” game and completely forgot about it so you end up drinking that slushy shit? And now all we will need to do is put the can in the little beer jacuzzi for 45 seconds?? I need one of these more than I’ve ever needed anything in my entire life. And think about if you can they make a portable one to bring on vacation. No more having to lug that fucking cooler of ice down to the beach. Pretty sure I’ve seen family vacations end and parents get divorced because of disputes over carrying coolers. The reverse microwave is the most necessary appliance since the Set It and Forget It.