Dan Bilzerian's Instagram Pictures, As Drawn By a 7 Year Old

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First of all, there’s a 0.01 percent chance the person drawing these is 7 years old, right? If this person is 7 years old, they should be drawing the next Mona Lisa, not Dan Bilzerian banging prostitutes on his yacht. But then again, what do I know about art? People said Picasso wouldn’t amount to anything either. So this “7 year old” might be the next big thing in art. And I really hope he is, because I can’t take any more of people throwing blobs of paint on a campus, taking a dump in a bucket, and mixing them together in a trashcan and calling it “art”. This kid’s stuff is the real deal. And how fucking stupid is every other artist in the world that they didn’t think of this first? Dan is the type of dude who will catch wind of this and pay the kid 50 million dollars just for showing up. Plus pretty sure this kid is well on his way to crushing 8 balls and banging 12s with Dan too. So well done kid, well done.

I still don’t understand pretending to be a kid and doing this, what benefits does that bring to you? So maybe it really is a kid? Who knows. Good stuff though.


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