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John Daly's Son Just Finished 2nd On The Same Course Where John Daly Pulled Off A Massive Upset To Win The 1991 PGA Championship

[Source] - Crooked Stick Golf Club is best known for Daly’s breakthrough major victory at the 1991 PGA Championship, but it nearly became site of Little John’s own major triumph. The younger Daly found himself in a five-way tie for the lead after 36 holes at the Dye National Junior Invitational.

Ahead of the inaugural tournament—named in honor of famed golf architects Pete and Alice Dye with a field of 33 of the top male and female juniors golfers in the country—the 16-year-old high school junior in Clearwater, Fla., said he caught a replay of the 1991 PGA.

“I watched it every night before the tournament,” Daly said. “[Watching him] walk down the 18th with all of the fans everywhere was pretty cool. … For him to win, it was a ridiculous story. He loves it.”

I love this story because a) John Daly is awesome and b) I love this quote from John Daly II. How'd he get ready for the tournament? Oh, just watched his dad win the 1991 PGA Championship here. Imagine him on the first tee chatting it up with some other teenager about how he got ready. Other kid probably says he got a good night's sleep, ate a healthy breakfast and went over the course layout. He asks John Daly II how he got ready. I'd like to think Daly II brought up his phone, hit play on his dad winning while this played over speakers 

I'm just glad to hear Daly II has a grip it and rip it approach too. We need more of that on the tour. I need another John Daly on tour, even it's going to take another 10ish years for him to get there. And it's not just a name thing either. Daly II is apparently pretty good. Invited to play in a top-33 event, finishing tied for 2nd. That ain't too shabby - granted things can drastically change as he works towards the PGA. 

That said, Daly winning that 91 PGA is nothing short of ridiculous. Daly was the ninth alternate! The only reason he ended up in the event was the fact a bunch of guys had to drop out for various reasons. Even then he didn't get added until Thursday morning when Nick Price dropped out. That said, he immediately took advantage. He was just two back after the first round before taking the lead in the second round. He led after the 2nd, 3rd and obviously the final round, shooting -12.