Ovi Has Now Won His 9th Rocket Richard Trophy - Nobody Else Has Won It More Than Twice


I don't want to do another blog about how much it sucks that Ovi was screwed out of another 50 goal campaign, about how much it sucks that what should have been his rookie season was the lock out year, and how the 2012-13 season was only 48 games. We can't dwell on that. Instead, we can once again marvel how unbelievable this man is at hockey, as the NHL officially announced no more regular season stats will be awarded and Ovi has now won his 9th Rocket Richard Trophy. It's fine that he's splitting it with Pasta, that kid's a monster and nobody should really care that much about Ovi chopping the trophy anyway. The fact that this is his 9th RR and the next highest total is 2 is just insane. 

It's brutal that this season will be remembered for coronavirus and not how sick Ovechkin was- remember that Islanders game? Oh man. 



And how great of a season guys like Vrana, Carlson, Oshie, and SCCTW were having. Not to mention Samsonov having an all time great rookie season in relief for Holtby. 

I know it looks like we're technically going to get the playoffs, but it still feels...weird. The Stanley Cup without fans in the stands is so strange. None of that Stanley Cup atmosphere? It's still better than nothing obviously, but boy, boy oh boy, does this suck.