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Does Suit Man Have A Hand In The MLB?

 Every time we start to think there is progress with the MLB coming back, a player comes out about the owners and we take two steps back. I don't blame the players one bit and I feel like all of these deals are trying to be made on Daves roof deck. The players agreed to a pay which they didn't have to do because they signed contracts but they seemingly want to play baseball. To my understanding the players with the bigger contracts would take a bigger pay cut then others and that sounds like a fantastic idea. They will get the money back in years to come but it seems like the players are being the most reasonable. They agreed to 1 pay cut and then this is where it seems like Suit an comes into play. The MLB keeps moving the goal posts and are asking for more pay cuts which is ridiculous. It is easy for all of us to say they have millions of dollars why cant they just do it. Well if you were training everyday and leaving your family during this you would want the money you deserve. Regardless every sport seems like they are going to make things work and the MLB just looks like shit for this. Figure it out and owners stop being so greedy. No matter what everyone is fucked with this Yankees Roster so I feel like everyone is scared to play. Rats