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Barstool Radio: Hard Factor Radio 5.28.20 Highlights - Including The Internets Best Comments

Day two of Hard Factor Radio is here and the top stories of the day included the mayhem going on in Minneapolis, Trump getting fact-checked on Twitter, a creepy Chinese Coronavirus propaganda cartoon, nationwide manhunt comes to an end and more.  

After the top stories, the guys took it over to the Comment Corner for the rest of the show which includes some comments from news around the countries, and some that are just downright mean...

Tom Austin suuuuuuuuuuuucks.

Next up, Pat went straight to the eye of the storm to battle the beast itself and came back victorious … for now.  

Lastly, the guys took on some Brain Busters and one thought might be worth getting the IP for before Suitman comes snoopin' around again.  

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