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Leslie Lemke Is An American Treasure And His Story Brought Me To Tears

God damn, what a story. Just a couple of folks that are minding their own business and known for being good people. The lady walks into the hospital while not even looking to adopt and comes out with a kid who has some obvious issues. Imagine. Just imagine the type of person it takes to do that. 

Raising children with developmental issues must be incredibly difficult and rewarding. Sometimes that's your lot. You know that your life is going to change and you either roll with it or you dont. Volunteering for those long hours, those late nights, those SIXTEEN YEARS OR MORE of changing diapers, and the giving up of your social life. In a selfish culture, the level of selflessness isnt something I can fully wrap my head around. 

Long nights for nearly two decades and then being startled by the sound of a beautiful concerto. The blossoming of a mind begins it's Spring season with growth that was completely unexpected. The plant had largely been in a stage of hibernation until it wasnt anymore. Full bloom. 

If you need more, here you go. I love stories like this. Just love it. I feel alive. Good work, everybody.