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Get Your Day Rolling With A Cactus Jack Vs. Terry Funk Barbed Wire Deathmatch (With Mick Foley Commentary)

I woke up to roughly 8,000 videos of someone getting blasted with a fire extinguisher on my timeline this morning, which instantly got me in the mood for some hardcore wrestling matches from the lawless times of the 90s. So I went to YouTube and found this random match involving two of the best to ever do it. I can't believe these sick fucks used to do this stuff like this back in the day. Hell, Terry Funk probably fought in one of these matches last night. 

Maybe starting off the day with two grown men getting blown up and dragged on barbed wire was a little extreme because seeing Mick Foley with a crimson face before my 2nd cup of coffee made me feel slightly uncomfortable. But if I had to watch it, so do you. Happy Thursday everybody!