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Pretty Sure This Coronavirus Disinfecting Tunnel That A Scottish Soccer Club Installed Is Pure Genius

How is this the first time we've seen something like this? It looks like pure genius. Don't get me wrong, this isn't the only thing needed for sports to come back amid the pandemic, they even say so here

John McMenemy of Core Physio said: "I want to point out that this is a barrage of processes.

"It doesn't take the place of mindful hand washing or distancing. It is an addition."

But this thing looks lowkey awesome. You get your temperature taken and then wander through this tunnel to get sprayed with some sort of acid material. Why aren't we buying these and putting them at every stadium for players? It says it takes just a minute to inflate and can be transported. Get this shit in Disney/Vegas for the NBA. Put it in one of the 7 cities or whatever the NHL is looking at. Sell, sell, sell! 

I don't know if it's the fact that this thing kinda looks like what you'd walk through at a kids party or fair or something but I'm 100% certain it works. No question about it that it gets all the germs blasted off of my head and clothes. I'm all for shit like this though. There's no vaccine so try anything and everything to see what helps contain everything. It's not like this spray of acid hurts you so what is there to lose? 

God I miss sports.