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Brazilian Sex Hotel Opens MMA Themed Room Complete With An Octagon For Couples

BC - If you’re down for some ground-and-pound or simply want to bang bro, Pousada Gurupi in Teresina, Brazil has exactly what you need to live out your wildest mixed martial arts dreams. The sex hotel has unveiled a bizarre MMA-themed suite that they want the biggest MMA fans to come and enjoy.  The MMA Suite comes complete with a caged in Octagon bed, training dummies and mannequins that will watch you as you roll and attempt your best rear-naked choke. “Meet the MMA Suite,” the post translates to, according to Middle Easy. “Perfect for couples who love a good costume in the bedroom. ???? With an Octagon-inspired environment, the suite brings the bed as the main place of the couple’s fight, table for meal, erotic toys and more. ???? Surprise your partner and live an adventure at Gurupi Inn. ????????????”

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Talk about a "Romper Room"! Round 1...FIGHT SEX!!!  When the room's a rockin', don't come a knockin'!  Or maybe do come a knockin'!  You wouldn't want any tap out to go unnoticed for insurance reasons!  Imagine getting thrown around by the likes of MMA superstars such as Paige VanZant in this thing? In the words of the great Barstool Nate...OWWIE!!!  And possibly GOODIE!!! But for sure, OWWIE!!!

VANZANT BREAK: Anyone wanna check in on Fortnight Boy while I do his job for him?  Thanks!


See ya in the Brazilian Romper Room!  Maybe!