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China State Media Created An English Speaking Cartoon Character To Talk to US Americans About It's Image

Have you been a little curious recently about whether the generally trustworthy Chinese government has been doing things like...

-Exporting defective masks to masks to Spain that caused thousands of infections in front line workers?
-Hoarding the "good" masks for themselves?
-Profiteering from the global pandemic that originated in their country?
-Shipping out test kits that give false results

Well lucky for you, Terry-Cotta is here with a periscope stream from his @terry_tellsreal account to "tell the real" about some nasty rumors related to China's exports during Corona-times. 

Finally a relatable voice paid for by the Chinese government that we can trust* (and understand) who gets what it's like to be American and can set the record straight. 

*paid for by the authoritative Chinese government