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It's Bullshit Coach K Is Getting Another Free Pass Since Zion Filed An Order So He Doesn't Have To Go Under Oath To Admit He Received Extra Benefits

It's not surprising that Zion is doing that. Why would he want to go under oath and admit that he received benefits to play at Duke? We don't have to be stupid about it, there's a 100% chance he and/or his family received something from someone to go to Duke. Shit, his name came up in court during the FBI trial into Adidas. You're telling me his stepfather only was going to have extra benefits with Kansas and not Duke? Fuck outta here. 

So what's going on here? Essentially Zion had a deal with Gina Ford for sports marketing. When he signed with CAA, a massive company, he wanted to move his stuff there and broke contract with Ford. There is a law in North Carolina about amateurs and contracts, so that's what she's arguing. That if he accepted benefits or anyone in his family accepted benefits, he would be ineligible according to the NCAA and therefore not an amateur.

Now let's get one thing straight, I don't give a shit if Zion got paid. I think I've made it pretty clear that college athletes should make money on name, image and likeness without guidelines and if that's the case Zion would have likely made damn near millions of dollars in one year at Duke. So it's not about that. It's about that rat fuck Coach K and his deal with the devil. Somehow he escapes any sort of trouble or any sort of backlash despite having all these things as facts: 

Lance Thomas received $100,000 credit from a jeweler, used $30,000 cash while a student. The jeweler refused to work with the NCAA in their investigation, so they had to drop it: 

He shouted at Semi Ojeleye's mother so bad when they talked about transferring,He shouted at Semi Ojeleye's mother so bad when they talked about transferring, he made her cry. Weird that Rico Bosco, the guy who screams about respecting women, never brings this up when talking about coaches.

Corey Maggette admitted to taking cash payments from Myron Piggie, his summer league coach. 

That would make him ineligible at Duke - he didn't miss any games. Really this is no different than when a player gets ruled ineligible for getting paid by an agent when in school (Marcus Camby). This is also the same scenario as like James Wiseman who was suspended 12 games because he took money from Penny, when he was just an AAU coach. Zero at Duke though. 

He just flat out lied about scolding an opposing player for playing a game correctly

Oh wait, that wasn't even the first time he did this exact thing

There's countless examples of him being a sore loser, faking injuries, I mean shit he said after the Stephen F. Austin game 'he's not an excuse guy, but he wasn't feeling well for the game.' He's a massive dickhead who is also a hell of coach. All that is true. The point is he needs to be 'exposed' for lack of a better word that he's fucking just like everyone else out there. He has skeletons in his closet that are very public. The NCAA just didn't punish him because the NCAA is as inconsistent as they come. 

I don’t care that players get paid. I want them to get paid. I also want Coach K to be viewed as what he is. Like every other goddamn coach in the country. He’s not running a clean program. He’s not some perfectly clean coach. Maybe stop looking at the scrappy white point guard slapping the floor in front of those nerds at Cameron and you’ll see it too. Although even that's gone by the wayside because out of nowhere Coach K started recruiting one-and-dones and landing top classes. I'm sure that was all by the books and clean as can be. 

Fuck Duke and fuck their fake reputation