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Max Scherzer Tweets That The Players Are Done Negotiating After Yesterday's Joke of a Proposal And Pretty Much Dares The Owners To Open Their Books


Well that's very bad. Big bad. The worst bad there is. The owners' financial proposal to the players yesterday was so bad that they've decided there's no point in further negotiating. Awesome. Super. Fantastic. Just what we wanted to hear. 

To add some context as to why Scherzer's words carry more weight here than other random players, he is one of the highest ranking players in the union and is part of an eight man executive subcommittee. 

So what is this move? Hardball. The players were clearly so baffled by the owners' attempt of pinning them as the bad guys that they're done negotiating and demanding the owners to open their books. You want to cry poor like this and demand some guys take 75% pay-cuts, well show us just how bad your billionaire pockets are being hurt. Want them to take a second pay-cut after they already agreed to one in late March? Show the country why you need that. The owners make money hand over fist every year. BILLIONS. Show us that you're really that desperate for money that you need this kind of financial help. It'll never happen. Never. Not in a million years. You know why? Because there's no shot in hell they're in any dire situation. 

Baseball is really going to kill themselves aren't they? They're going to let literally every other sport in the world come back while they sit at home. Unfuckingbelievable. It's the most baseball thing to ever happen. Money. This is all over money. And the players are 100% right. This is the owners' fault. They're trying to exploit the players over the narrative that they need to be the heroes and are the ones to blame if the sport doesn't come back in 2020. It's bullshit. All of this is bullshit. God forbid the owners just ate a loss for the sake of the future of the game. One time in your lives don't care about solely making the most amount of money possible. Nope. It's all greed. 

So what's next? Pray the owners scrap that whole plan that Peter Nelson probably drew up and focus on something like deferring pro-rated salaries. Pray. That's the only move left it seems. I'm sad.