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Wake Up With Pete Alonso Smacking Some Absolute No Doubter Bombs In The College World Series

One of my favorite events every year is the College World Series. That "PING" off the aluminum bats is one of the top noises in sports, debate me on that. It sucks that we won't get to see the college kids sweat it out for a NCAA Championship in Omaha this season because it's great entertainment every single year. Future studs setting the stage for their MLB careers with one last aluminum bat swing, nothing like it. They changed the bats a few years ago and it made it tougher to hit bombs, so that wasn't great, but when you get the pure strength that guys like Pete Alonso have, you hit bombs with whatever you want. I'm also questioning some of the distances here, I mean that first homer is what, 4 rows deep? The ones dead center are a shot, no doubt about that. That last ball hit by Eduoard Julio was a towering shot, I love that swing too. It also doesn't get talked about enough, but there are some sweet looking unis in college baseball. Again, it's a great event thats a ton of fun to watch, a trip to Omaha should be on every baseball fan's plan right behind Cooperstown.

PS. Show out Starting 9 stud, Dallas Braden for being on the call for one of these shots. Pretty cool.