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Mike Tyson Just Appeared On AEW Dynamite In A Weird Ass Brawl Segment With Chris Jericho

In the words of former President of the United States, George W. Bush.... 

"That was some weird shit!"

Uhh, so yeah! I don't really know what the fuck that was all about but it sure was awkward!

Mike Tyson has made some appearances for AEW as of late, presenting the TNT Championship this Saturday at Double or Nothing, and now in the main event brawl segment of Dynamite, and I think what they were obviously going for here was a good ol' remake of the classic Austin scuffle...

...but with all due respect to Jericho, who I love, it looked more like a sloppy drunken barfight than anything, emphasis on the drunken. I don't know if Tyson actually DID dig into the bubblay backstage or not tonight, but he's got me fooled if not!

MMA fans probably noticed that former UFC stars Henry Cejudo, Vitor Belfort, and Rashad Evans appeared alongside Tyson tonight, which was kinda random, but also cool....

….this is definitely not what I envisioned when Mike Tyson put out that "I'm back!" video tho!