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Slaughter in Knoxville: Tennessee 65, Auburn 28, And The Haters Are FURIOUS

If you like close games, better luck next time.

If you like to see Coach Duggs thrive in what may have been his best game as a head football coach, do I have a game for you!

Tonight's 65-28 win for (17) Tennessee over Auburn may have lacked drama. It may have lacked funny moments or crazy plays. But points are points, and wins are wins. In the SEC, that is extremely hard to come by. 

There you see Volunteer QB Caleb Pressley connecting with WR Dwayne Rodgers Cole for what ended up being one of MANY dates with the end zone over the course of the night.

In fact, the Heisman Hopeful certainly boosted his resume with this performance.

You read that right: 400+ yards, five touchdown's and just one interception. Pressley is a man on a mission.

Not only did tonight's win advance Tennessee to 7-0 (3-0 in SEC play), but the Vols have catapulted into the top 10!

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Coach Duggs' squad is finally beginning to get the respect they certainly deserve. But in the SEC, you have to remember: it just means more. Anything can happen at any give time. 

Up next: The (24) South Carolina Gamecocks, where the Vols will hit the road once again on Friday afternoon (bye day tomorrow).

Coach Duggs vs. Coach Muschamp. What more could you ask for?