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Will I Do a #Pickem for the All-Time UK Football Team?

The answer is yes! Against all odds, I will do another #pickem. I know what vicious rumors are going around about if I'm done picking things for $15. I'm happy to put this old wives' tale to bed once and for all. 

Pick the best Kentucky Football team for $15 (QB, RB, 2 WR, TE). Era: 2000-present

QB Andre Woodson $4 (Remaining: $11)

With all due respect to the late great Jared Lorenzen, Andre Woodson is the best quarterback I've seen in a UK uniform. To be fair to the Hefty Lefty, Woodson had a much better team around him and to Woodson's credit, he took advantage of that. After two middling years to start his career, Woodson took off to the tune of over 7,200 passing yards and 75 total touchdowns combined for his junior & senior seasons. He had the accuracy to go downfield, thrive in the middle of the field, and also connect on a check down pass. Usually, you'd be content if the QB could do one of those things. Two of them and you were in good shape. Dre could do all three and oversaw one of the better UK runs in recent history. Happy to call him my quarterback.

RB Benny Snell $5 (Remaining: $6)

The one running back I will pay. Yesterday, today and forever my running back.

WR 1 Keenan Burton $4 (Remaining: $2)

Burton battled some injuries in his career but was a problem when he was healthy. Like First Team All-SEC (77 catches for 1,036 yards, 12 TDs) type of problem before he went to the NFL. He and Woodson had great chemistry and I need him to be my possession receiver because...

WR 2 Jeff Badet $1 (Remaining: $1) other receiver runs a 4.2 and has a 40 inch vertical, thus making him the perfect deep threat to complement Burton.

I've got 100 hypothetical cents to spare for that. I imagine that he's so cheap here because he graduated and then transferred to Oklahoma for a year. Sure. He had a solid year with Lincoln Riley and Baker Mayfield, but he did most of his damage in the bluegrass (21.6 YPC his junior year).

TE Keaton Upshaw $1 (Remaining: $0)

This one is more of a leap of faith. And also, because I don't have any money left. Upshaw was just a freshman last year and only caught seven passes in five games, but him contributing at all to a team coming off their best season in 30+ years is promising. Also, between Snell, Lynn Bowden, Mike Edwards, and CJ Conrad (plus many more) I must say that the state of Ohio has been good to Mark Stoops and Vince Marrow. 

Woodson- Snell- Burton- Badet- Upshaw