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Damian Lillard Weighs In On The MVP Debate

Ah yes, it's been a few months since we've had another go around in the silly LeBron vs Giannis MVP debate. One of my favorite parts of this whole debate is something that Dame mentioned in his reasoning and he certainly hasn't been alone in this line of thought. We get it, LeBron is 35, which isn't young by NBA standards. You get takes like this all the time

sometimes they'll double down and not just use LeBron's age, but also that he had to deal with Kobe's tragic passing

then when that's STILL not enough, you can't forget about China!

outrageous stuff like this is everywhere you look

What I don't get about Dame's argument is he is sort of suggesting Giannis doesn't have any pressure on him? Maybe not as much as LeBron because few players do, but coming off an MVP season last year with an all time record only to choke in the playoffs? There was definitely pressure on Giannis and the Bucks this season and they've once again been then best team in the NBA from the second the season started. If Dame wants to use the Lakers consistency as a reason, well how have they been more consistent than MIL? Not only that, but Giannis is putting up numbers this season that have never been done before in NBA history regardless of age. I'd argue what he's doing with his roster both from a production and success standpoint is more impressive than what the Lakers have done. There's a difference when your best teammate is Anthony Davis compared to Khris Middleton. 

That's why I can't help but put on my conspiracy hat here. Is Dame maybe trying to butter LeBron up ahead of a potential Blazers/Lakers playoff series if we were to somehow see that? I know he's not plotting to join LA since he just signed his massive supermax, so that has to be it. He doesn't want to give LeBron any extra bulletin board material in the event his Blazers have to try and beat LeBron. Because when you look at this objectively, any other choice but Giannis is wrong. Doesn't mean LeBron didn't have an unreal season, but Giannis was simply a cut above, it's OK to admit it.