What Would NBA Teams Starting 5s Look Like If Every Player Went Home?



Now that LeBron “went home”, someone put together the starting 5 of what would happen if every player followed suit and went home. I put Charlotte’s at the top because that backcourt is the best backcourt ever (and Chris Wilcox is the man).

So how do the Barstool cities rank (sorry Trent, they didn’t include Iowa. Such disrespect)?

5) Boston – Well, Boston is a hockey city, that’s for damn sure.




4) Philly – Old ass Kobe and Hakim Warrick in the starting lineup aren’t going to do it.




3) New York – A solid team. Great front court. But that backcourt isn’t ready yet.




2) Chicago – Loaded team. But everyone besides Anthony Davis has an issue. Wade has aged, Rose can’t stay healthy, Marrion is 95 years old, and Parker hasn’t even played a regular season NBA game yet.




1) Washington – Stacked to the brim with talent. 5 superstars…ok 4 superstars and Roy Hibbert. Melo, Durant, and Lawson playing together would be deadly. An 82-0 team.



Every team here