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Yoko Ono (The Actual One, Not Suitman) Coming In Hot Claiming Her Earliest Memory Was Her Birth

Shout out Yoko Ono. (The real one- responsible for breaking up The Beatles, pushing one of the most talented musicians to ever walk the planet to the brink of insanity, and big fan of my Georgia Guidestones blog, NOT the man responsible for breaking up the Call Her Daddy chicks)

Have I mentioned I went to Harvard?

Just a scorching hot statement here from "mother superior."

If anything you kind of have to respect her for staying true to herself all these years. An asshole then and an asshole now.

Bet she thought she had everybody beat until this guy one-upped her telling her his earliest memory was shooting through his dad's urethra. 

ps - Is it normal to not remember anything from middle school nevermind childhood nevermind infancy?