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The Highlights Of Gilbert Arenas' Awesome Reddit AMA Including How He Hurt Nick Young's Career

Gilbert Arenas, a man who really needs a documentary on his career, is holding an AMA over on Reddit. Let me tell you it's been absolutely fantastic, because it's Gilbert Arenas. Let's get into some of the highlights. We start with him saying he ruined Nick Young's career by making him his rookie: 

Classic Gilbert Arenas though with the he deserved it at the end. Like yeah, I probably shouldn't have made Nick Young my rookie because we're so similar, but that jackass deserved it. Sorry I may have ruined your career. Speaking of Nick Young, we get a lot of Nick Young answers: 

The image of Gilbert Arenas breaking into Nick Young's house just to fuck with him and his kids is so perfect. You know there's a 100% chance Gilbert isn't breaking into Young's house. 

Ah there it is. I was waiting for a gun comment. People out here calling Gilbert Arenas out for being vanilla. Gilbert Arenas! You think he's ever vanilla? You call him vanilla and he calls you a scary little shit. It was just a matter of time until he said something about guns though. 

Legit my favorite answer. Why he decided to not say fuck and just used one asterisk is taking up way too much of my thought process though. But Gilbert saying Joey Crawford was the hardest to score on and then going and referencing him vs Tim Duncan is just hilarious. Gilbert could score on anyone but Joey Crawford. 

This is how I assume Gilbert talks about every single teammate he has. He compliments them, talks about good they were but then talks about busting their ass. It's why I can't get enough of him. The dude is just a content machine whenever he talks too. 

Honestly just give Gilbert and Nick Young a show on Instagram or something where they don't have to be censored. It's worth it. Never forget that Gilbert was a goddamn great player too until injuries and that whole gun thing destroyed his ridiculous contract.