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Imagine If Kyler Murray Chose The Oakland A's Over The NFL With The Shit Show That's Going On With Baseball Right Now?

In late March, Major League Baseball announced that minor leaguers would continue to receive their spring training compensation of $400 a week as well as medical benefits until at least May 31st. They decided not to extend that date and with that deadline fast approaching the Oakland A's announced out of the kindness of their hearts that they will no longer be paying their minor leaguers moving forward. Here's the email they sent out to their players. It's a joke. 

$400 a week appears too steep for a professional baseball team to compensate their guys during a global pandemic. The A's owner has a net worth of over $2 BILLION. I know net worth tends to be a bit of smoke and mirrors with how rich a guy actually is at the present time, but you're trying to tell me John Fisher and his professional baseball organization can't make sure the minor leaguers have something in their pockets for the next few months? That's fucking bullshit. 

Not too long ago Kyler Murray had to heavily weigh his options after being selected by the A's in the first round of the 2018 MLB Draft. He agreed to a signing bonus of $4.66 million and had an addition $14.6 million on the table that would have made him a major leaguer right away. With the uncertainty of where he'd go in the NFL draft along with the unknown of guaranteed money in football, this wasn't an easy call. That's a lot of money on the table to leave behind. 

As you know Murray walked away from baseball and shifted his focus solely on playing football. Turns out he made an incredible decision. What a disaster that would have been had he chose baseball. The Cardinals took him number one overall in 2019 and gave him a fully guaranteed four year $35 million contract. The NFL will do literally whatever it takes to get their guys on the field meanwhile baseball is out here doing whatever they can to fuck themselves over. Salaries are being cut left and right while minor leaguers aren't being paid at all moving forward. We could very well be looking at a strike year in 2021 on top of all this. What a shit show. 

Good on Kyler for getting his. Fuck the A's.