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Cazzo Madre di Dio! A Large Bear Nearly Turns Italian Kid Into A Spicy Meataball!

I know what you’re thinking because I was thinking the same exact thing. There’s fucking bears in Italy? I legit didn’t think Italy had any wild animals except for birds and lizards. I would have bet my fucking life that there was no bears in Italy. I’d vacation there and just leave all sorts of snacks scattered about on the mountain side. Honey. Chocolate. Popcorn. Apple pie. Probably some local cheeses and shit. When in Rome, right? LOL 

That’s probably what young Giuseppe here was thinking with his family. Just leave the honey and almonds out. What harm can it do? Next thing you know, you’re creep walking like my guy Young Mantis lookin for a date in a small Indiana town while he’s wearing a Saturdays are for the Boys shirt. Not good.

Here’s more wild animals that live in Italy should you decide to vacation there.

Incredible! Italy: it’s more than just lizards and birds.