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Video: Guy Uses Lawn & Sports Equipment To Create Ultimate 70-Part Rube Goldberg Machine In His Yard

According to his YouTube profile, Cree's been making trick-shot videos and Rube Goldberg machines for six years now, and that expertise is pretty apparent in the clip below. And I know, I know.. There's tons of this type of thing out there, but this one really stands out... 

I mean, the marble-coaster by the waterfall with the birds chirping, the bright red model train on top of the swing set, seeing him use items from your own childhood that are for sure somewhere in the back of your parent's garage... It's almost like the marbles, basketballs & kickballs are taking you on a trip down memory lane. What a delight:

From his own description: 

This outdoor Rube Goldberg Machine goes around my entire yard, and swishes a basketball shot after 70 steps. This video was filmed in one take, meaning there are absolutely no hidden cuts or edits. The machine took a month to build and another month to successfully work, so please share this with anyone who needs some entertainment during these strange times!

Consider it shared, sir. Consider it shared. Seeing as I'm a Big J Journo I reached out to him for some quick Q&A.

What's your background & what's the goal of all this?

My name is Cree and I am a Junior in high school. Right now YouTube is pretty much my job, and I’m so thankful for all my viewers that make that possible. My dream is to have a career in creating videos, whether it’s for YouTube or something else. I’m always coming up with new ideas, so I hope I can transfer my creativity into my job some day, whatever that may be.

Was there any part of The Swish machine that was especially difficult?

Practically everything went wrong at some point, so I had to make sure I tweaked the machine each time it failed so that spot wouldn’t mess up again. The front driveway was especially frustrating because everything was so close to falling over, even a gust of wind could set off a trick.

And what was the inspiration for this one?

I’ve been making trick-shot YouTube videos since early 2014.  I grew up making machines like this and I wanted to see how long I could get one to stretch out. This quarantine gave me more than enough time to not only build this machine, but film it all in one take too. I figured, I might as well make something cool than sit around on my phone for two months!

Here's some more cool stuff from his Insta which I recommend if you're looking for a light, creative follow: