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Smartest Parents In The World Bought A Vending Machine And Only Give Their Kids Money For The Snacks When They Finish Chores

[Source] - Sarah, from Northumberland, came up with the idea after her children, Shannon, nine, Lucy, eight, Jack, five and Elijah, two, refused to pitch in.

Now Sarah, a nurse, gives them pocket money each day when they’ve done their homework or chores, and they can save up and use the cash to buy their own snacks.  She said: "During lockdown, the kids have been wanting sweet stuff all the time and they have been refusing to help around the house. 

“The healthy snacks are all free but this way they will have to do jobs and school work to earn money to buy sweets from the vending machine.

I don't like throwing around the word genius too much, but this is a GENIUS move. I mean it's absolutely brilliant. Prison rules going on in this household and everyone is going to be happier because of it. Why? There are laid out rules. You want this snack, put your ass to work. You can't even sneak a snack unless you go full Kevin Malone and then it's pretty obvious who did it

My kid isn't old enough for this yet, but I'm starting to look around for vending machines. I know he's going to be a little asshole and refuse to do chores or do it half-ass because that's how I was/am. You throw in the fact he get Dunkaroos, Fruit Gushers or something delicious like that? Well that's a game-changer. People love snacks - kids, adults, male, female, it doesn't matter. If you don't enjoy a good snack, you're fucked in the head. 

You need to assert dominance as a parent. There's no better way to do that than hiding your favorite snacks in a place where they can't reach and putting their shit in a vending machine. I love it. Not to mention, vending machines are cool when you're a kid. You get to see the spiral move and watch it drop. Kids will eat that shit up. 

Clem, Large, KFC and all the other parents here have talked about it, but it's worth mentioning. Each day is all about surviving as a parent and finding a way to get kids to do shit. You put a dollar amount on chores to do and a prize in snacks that's how it's done. Fucking GENIUS. 

By the way, the most expensive snacks should be: 

5. Fruit Gushers 

4. Chips (specifically Martin's BBQ, if you know, you know)

3. A sleeve of cookies (specifically Oreos)

2. Pop Tarts (pick your flavor, I'm a Wild Berry fan) 

1. Dunkaroos (vanilla wafers/vanilla frosting with sprinkles)