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A Gaggle of Gorgeous Women Exercise Their Rights To Remove Their Panties And Place Them Over Their Own Mouths IN PROTEST

Another day, another group of women are out here demonstrating their rights by using something that they know will grab our attention. Removing panties. Folks, I don't care the time of day. I don't care about the season. I don't care about coronavirus. You say that someone is removing their panties and I become a looky-loo the likes of which you've never seen. Im looking this way and that way. I'm like a chicken crossing the road to get to the other side so that I can look back at a buttcheek in the wild. There's nothing like free-range ass. Simple as that. 

You dont wanna wear a mask? Fine. That's the punishment, though. You gotta take your SUMMER panties off that are filled with coochie or ball sweat and stick them sonsofbitches right in your nostrils while you're still breathing hard like you just had a romp with your panties down around your thighs like you were gonna fuck Dale Doback in the bathroom of a nice restaurant.