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Wake Up With Jayson Tatum Putting LeBron On A Poster

Would you believe me if I told you that two years ago today this happened?

feels like forever ago if you ask me, not just two years. The haters and the trolls will bring up the fact that the Celtics lost this Game 7, as if that takes away anything from this amazing play. Nope, sorry, the play still rules. It's not Tatum's fault that he only got one more FGA after this dunk and his huge made three to give the Celts a 72-71 lead with 6 minutes left. 

But back to the dunk. I remember when this happened thinking Tatum was making a huge mistake challenging LeBron. More often than not LeBron finds a way to block you for another all time postseason defensive play. Remember this was at a time where Tatum seemed to lose the ball every single time he attacked the rim and went up strong. So the fact that he even completed the dunk was a surprise, but then the bump and trash talk right in LeBron's face is what made my heart sing. That moment was when we knew what we had. 

Fast forward to 2020 and Tatum is blossoming just like LeBron said he would in his postgame interview back in 2018. Did you know this season against LeBron and the Lakers, Tatum averaged 34.0/5.0/2.5 on 57/60% shooting? Seems good. Oh you know what else happened playing the Lakers this year? Our other Jay got one too

Reminiscing is fun. Happy Wednesday.