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Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam Gets Caught With A Hot Mic Chirping Jerry Jones

This is a classic situation where tone and intention matter. If Haslam knew that Jerry and everyone else could hear him than it is simply just some good ole fashioned ball busting. If Haslam said it to the people in his office in a tone of "leave Jones on mute so we don't have to hear that old drunk redneck talk about 1993, hookers, his stadium, and how big his dick is" then it's an entirely different thing. Schefter makes it sound like the the latter in this clip. If that is the case, then I think Jimmy Haslam just became the most relatable owner in the NFL. Sure, he is worth almost $3 bilion dollars, but at the end of the day he still has to work with a loud, drunk, obnoxious, self-aggrandizing ASSHOLE just like the rest of us. Literally everyone has a person in their life/career where the second they join the call or walk in the room it's met with an eye roll that says "this fucking guy again" and there's nothing anyone can do about said asshole. Not even Jimmy Haslam. All his money can't buy that permanent mute button on Jerry Jones. He stuck with him as Jerry waxes on and on about the blue star fueled by Johnny Walker Blue. I am positive that Jimmy Haslam is an asshole too. In fact, he's probably the Jerry Jones of the Tennessee Vols, but in this one moment, he was a regular person just like us.