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This Giant Laughing Bird Is the Work of a Criminally Insane Person

I get we have issues with the tax code and all sorts of other governmental affairs which constantly need to be addressed, but we need to make this illegal. The above video took place in Australia, but I want our elected officials putting down their work for just a day or two and making sure giant, maniacally laughing birds do not make their way to our shores without serious repercussions.

I have discovered this Australian aviary is known as a kookaburra and the real-life version is equally disturbing,

Nope. Nope, nope, nope.

I can't pinpoint exactly what it is, but I'll take much of the other terrifying Australian wildlife long before these laughing birds that will come right up to your door. There is something deeply unsettling in my soul with these birds.

And then some asshole goes and builds a 30-foot tall one complete with matching soundtrack to parade through the streets and simultaneously annoy the shit out of all his neighbors and invite all the real asshole birds to descend upon the neighborhood, as well.

I'm sure this is technically against some sort of noise ordinance in most places around this country, but I want giant laughing birds explicitly outlawed. This is not acceptable in a society. There are rules.