Trevor Ariza Leaves The Wizards To Join The Rockets For 4 Years, 32 Million

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CBS – Trevor Ariza has had a fantastic couple of seasons with the Washington Wizards as his role was dimmed down and the team asked him to do much less than when he was with the Houston Rockets. He’s provided solid defense on the perimeter for them and turned into a deadly 3-point shooter last season when he made over 40 percent of his attempts from long distance. The team that gave him his first big contract is reportedly getting him back. Sam Amick of USA Today is reporting talks between Ariza and the Rockets have completed and they’ve agreed to a four-year deal worth $32 million.. The Rockets have cap space they need to spend before making a decision on whether or not to match Chandler Parsons’ offer sheet from the Mavericks.


Ariza has been fantastic for the Wizards the last two years, especially this last season when he was lights out from 3 and their top perimeter defender. But the fact of the matter is they didn’t want to sign him long term and tie up the cap space. And he knew the Wizards couldn’t keep him long term so he took the longer deal to go play with Houston, who will be dangerous this year if they also match Chandler Parson’s offer sheet and if Harden opens his eyes every so often on the defensive end.

So this is what the Wizards are working with right now:


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Of course Gortat is signed up for 5 years and 60 million. So where does this leave them? Well, it leaves them with the space needed to bring in Durant in 2016 and also have Beal on a max deal for when it’s time to rework his contract. And you have to believe that’s exactly what they have in mind. Sacrifice now to win later.

Who do they have to replace him? Otto Porter, baby! Dropped 25 in the summer league game today, and everyone who is a true basketball fan knows that the Vegas summer league translates exactly to the NBA. (And maybe they’ll be able to bring in someone like Luol Deng to replace Ariza on a 2 year contract. That would be ideal.)

The Wizards starting 4 of Nene, Gortat, Beal and Wall will be fantastic. Not sure who that fifth guy will be, and fuck knows who will be coming off the bench besides Grampa Miller to play 12 minutes a game behind Wall. If we’re being 100% honest, losing Ariza kinda sorta hurts my Wizards winning the East prediction. I’m just glad the Bulls went after Gasol instead of Ariza, would have hated him to stay in the East.