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I Love That The Blood Feud Between Tim Anderson and Brad Keller Still Exists

Everyone knows this backstory this point, or at least I assume they do, but if you don't here it is. Long story shorty, TA7 pimped a dinger he hit last April against KC and specifically off of Brad Keller. Obviously Keller retaliated:

This kinda shit happens pretty regularly, but usually the bad blood is kept between the lines. It's not often that it spills into the media, and it's even kinda frowned upon when it does. But now we got TA and Brad Keller bitching about each other over a year later:

And guess what? I fucking love it.  I want every other team in the AL Central to LOATHE the White Sox. Cubs and their fans too, but that's a different story. I want the Sox to carry that fuck you attitude onto the field to the point where they're the most hated team in the division, a la the Twins during the Mauer/Morneau years. THAT'S the kinda target I want on the White Sox back. Nothing dirty, just a new aged, fun style of baseball paired with the wins that WILL come this year.

And I say this year because there was a new proposal made by the owners to the MLBPA today. Obviously, the players hated it:

Genius! With this offer the MLBPA won't hate the owners, they'll just hate each other. Pit the players against themselves. But we have like... hardly time at all to get a deal done. So the owners are just holding out as long as they can to leverage the union into taking a deal that they want. I hate that they're doing that, but understand why at the same time. 

My guess is the union will eventually cave and will cave some time in the next week. Could be wrong there, but they just have shit for leverage. There's no way they sit out an entire year without getting paid *something*. The owners have the players by the balls and everyone knows it, but one X factor is the looming CBA expiration. Not sure if the players will want to cave to the owners twice in a matter of years. We'll see. I tend to believe that everyone knows how damaging not one, but two work stoppages would be to the sport, so the two sides will come to an agreement on the rest of this year soon. If not then Anderson and Keller will just be yelling at each other on Twitter until next February, and NOBODY wants that.