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Power Safety Moves Only: A Ukranian Woman Forgot Her Mask At The Post Office So She Took Off Her Panties And Wore Them Over Her Face As A Mask

Daily Mail- A woman stripped off and put her knickers over her face after a Ukrainian shop worker refused to serve her without a face mask on. The unidentified woman was filmed on a CCTV camera at a 'Nova Poshta' post office in Ukraine. Reports say she came to the post office to pick up a parcel and entered the room without wearing a face mask, which is against the country's quarantine laws.

Let me just come out and say that I am Pro Mask. I don't know if that makes me a square, a snowflake, or whatever the term is for L-7 weenie these days. But I think putting a mask over your mouth for the few minutes you are around people in the midst of a pandemic is common courtesy. 

HOWEVAH, I am also Pro Lazy and there is nothing worse than when you are about to enter a store and realizing you forgot your wallet, reusable shopping bag, or in today's world your mask. Forget about getting sick or getting someone else sick. You may get shamed straight out of your local grocery store for refusing to wear a mask.

Which is why this lady's quick thinking is so legendary. Instead of huffing and puffing all the way back to her car/bike/whatever they use to commute in Ukraine and getting cursed at in Ukranian for being the Grim Reaper's sidekick (which has to be a Top 5 scary language to be cursed at in), this heroine simply took the mask sitting between her legs and went about her day. Boom, problem solved. Are cotton tweed or lace panties able to #stopthespread as well as an N95 mask or the cute one your mom bought for you off of Etsy? How the fuck am I supposed to know? But I guarantee you stopped thinking about coronavirus when you saw the word "panties" just like the people in this video stopped thinking about the coronavirus once the panties made their appearance. No need for mask shaming or fights that would lead to everyone on Ukraine Twitter calling her Coronavirus Karina. Just a simple solution to a simple problem where everyone walked away happily.

The clip cuts out but it was reported that the employee ended up handing over the woman's parcel. The company said they do not condemn the customer's actions and are not going to report her to the police

The Ukraine is indeed not weak after all.