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Kevin Hart Appears On Joe Rogan For Another Funny & Motivational Podcast

Around this time last year, Kevin Hart sat down with Joe Rogan for about 2 hours and delivered one of the more motivating podcasts I remember listening to in years. I know I may sound like a lame-o for saying that, and some people find Kevin Hart's persona/optimism to be a bit much, or "contrived" - but I really just got so inspired hearing him talk about his work ethic and how he makes everything he wants to happen, happen.

It's wracked up 10+ million views since, making it one of the most viewed episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience ever, and yesterday, Hart finally made his return to the show. 

They touched again on some general life advice again, how the make your dreams come true, and all of that shit right up top, but then they dove into a buuunch of other topics like Kevin's recovery after his horrible car accident, him meeting with Jeff Bezos, the Michael Jordan documentary, Mike Tyson's comeback, and of course - some great comedy talk (discussing Chappelle, Eddie Murphy, etc) was had! 

It's a good listen if you've got some time to kill. 

I'd recommend the first podcast between em more, but I honestly feel like any of these longform interviews with insanely successful people are very interesting, so if you're like me in that sense - you'll enjoy both.

Here are some cut-out highlights if you don't have time for the whole thing...