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Young Lad Simply Could Not Care Less That There's A Giant Bear Strolling Right Behind Him

Humans love to talk a big game and act like we're at the top of the food chain. And sure, we're smarter than any other animal on the planet (still have plenty of idiots but our smartest are smarter than their smartest). We also have guns. No other animals out there have figured out how to make guns yet so they're kinda fucked on that front. A bear with a gun? Could you imagine that? Gunless bears have already killed humans who have guns. So you put a glock in that bear's hands and we are so fucked. Like the most fucked you could ever dream of being. 

A gunless kid vs a gunless bear is pretty close to that. Which is the exact situation this young whippersnapper found himself in. But do you think he gave a single fuck? None whatsoever. Most of you would have feces dripping down your jeans as you try to run-waddle yourself away from the situation. But little dude over here just pimp walked his way out of there. Calm, cool and collected. Probably called the bear a poop face in Italian on his way out of there. The howitzer on this kid to not even be phased in the slightest. He's gonna get so many hand holds when he gets back to school and everybody sees this video. Legend.