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DC Could Pass Legislation Legalizing Alcohol To-Go PERMANENTLY As Soon As Next Month


FOX 5 DC - Times are tough for restaurants all over the District, but one thing that’s helped spots like Beuchert’s Saloon on Capitol Hill? Alcohol to go.

"Overall we’re down 50 percent of sales,” said Beuchert’s owner Andrew Markert. “If we didn’t have the alcohol to go, we would be down 65, 75 percent of our sales.”

It’s part of the reason why D.C. may soon allow bars and restaurants to offer carry-out and delivery for beer, wine, and cocktails permanently, not just during the pandemic.

Mayor Muriel Bowser included the provision in her proposed budget, which was released last week. The blog Barred in DC was the first to flag it.

“These businesses, in order for them to have a lifeline, they’ve got to kind of pivot and adapt and find new ways to bring in revenue. So this is just one way they can do that,” Acting Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development John Falcicchio explained.

He said he ultimately expects the provision to pass, and added that about 775 District businesses have already been approved to take part in the program.



Go DC go!!! I love when common sense shines through the dark clouds and provides a tiny speck of light and happiness on our miserable lives. There's only 2 things that I care about politically right now (that's not entirely true, but only 2 that I can blog about because nobody wants to read political takes on - Legalizing online poker, and legalizing to-go drinks in NYC, DC, and all other major cities. 


Yesterday was great. It was Memorial Day, the sun was shining, and you could pick up a frozen margarita from the bar and walk around with it, happy as a clam. Roads were closed off so people could drink in the streets without worry. You can't go inside of bars so they all have their front windows open for walk up cocktails. It's the way life should be.

And now cities like NYC and DC are looking at keeping this way of life long term. It's beautiful. Bar hopping without ever having to walk inside of a bar? Yes please. 

And you're also going to start seeing a lot more bars accept Venmo payments. Just scan their QR code right at the point of sale, no problem whatsoever. 

It's going to be interesting to watch this summer how the streets of the city handle this. The downside is there's nowhere to really go and sit and enjoy your drinks if you're with friends because you're supposed to socially distance still. So what ends up happening is people stand on the sidewalks with their drinks, blocking all the foot traffic and causing people to get mad that they have to squeeze by. As I said before, some streets are closed down, but then you run the risk of packing everyone into those streets. Maybe it won't be so bad, but that first June Saturday when it's 85 degrees, there's going to be so many groups of friends doing bar crawls, it's going to be like New Orleans here and I cannot wait.