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The Giants And Jets Have Been Given The Green Light To Return To Work By The New Jersey Governor


If anybody has had their place of worship deemed essential by their local government, please light a prayer candle for the Cowboys, Eagles, and R*dskins because any chance of winning the NFC East for roughly the next decade just took a massive hit. I didn't know how long it would take New Jersey to open its doors for sports teams considering it was located right across a river from the epicenter of a worldwide pandemic and that state gave the green light to sports team last week. But here we are. One step closer to Coach Judge becoming the biggest motherfucker on the planet with a whistle around his neck and having the boys practice in pads as much as the CBA will possibly allow. If the Tri-State Area can open their buildings to rehabbing for now and mayyyyybe for training camp if a bunch of assholes don't act reckless and cause a massive bump in coronavirus, a full NFL season actually seems possible.

I know this may offend the hordes of haters in the Fire Gettleman crowd and may not be the wisest move considering its an entirely new coaching staff with a roster full of young, unproven talent. But I have invested maybe wayyyyy too much hope in the thought of the Giants becoming a good, or at the very least, competent franchise again based on being scared of Coach Judge in a couple of press conferences and Daniel Jones looking awesome in a few meaningless games. But if that's what's needed to get me through these shitty quarantined times, so be it. 

Get this goober back in my life ASAP.


P.S. I briefly thought the Giants and Jets were in the clear to return to facilities last week when Cuomo gave the green light to New York before remembering they were in New Jersey. Score one for the "The Bills are the only TRUE New York team" weenie hardos out there.