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The Bundesliga Pumped In Fake Crowd Noise For Their Games On TV This Weekend - Hate It Or Does It Feel Normal?

First reaction? Honestly felt kinda normal. When you cover the first section of the stands with an ad and pump in crowd noise like this I truly don't know the difference. My dumb brain didn't stop and alert me that something was off. If there's a guy sitting there with a board in front of him that says "bad foul call Mainz" or "goal Mainz" and just hits it at the appropriate time I feel like you can get away with it. Now I also don't watch a ton of soccer usually so that might be the difference. If this was an MLB, NBA or NFL game it would feel bizarre. You can't fool me with a laugh track audience when it's a sport I watch on a daily basis. 

Is it just me or do you guys not really care what the fans sound like? I care about fans impacting the guys on the field. Hitting a button on 3rd down that sounds like the stadium going bananas when in reality it's silent does nothing for me. Also is there a part of you that wants to hear what the players are shouting to each other? Shouldn't there almost be a version where we hear no fake crowd noise and then one where you do? If the MJ doc gave us a cursing version and a clean version then why can't live sports do the same? I feel like under these circumstances I'd want to listen to an empty arena with players voices amplified over pretending things are normal. Make it an AAU game atmosphere. Sign me up for that right now. I don't need this laugh track fake crowd BS.