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The Browns Are Auctioning Off The Role Of Scripting The First 15 Plays Of A Preseason Game

The winner and one (1) guest will help Coach Stefanski script the first 15 plays for one of the preseason games (TBD), plus join the team meeting and have dinner with the team the night before the game.

Let me say this: I'll give Kevin Stefanski the benefit of the doubt because this is going to be his first year. But if the Browns would've offered this same deal at any point in the last 4 seasons, Clevelanders would've broken the record on GoFundMe because a fan scripting the plays would've been far and away better than allowing our head coach to give his input. Right now the winning bid is $25,000 and rising. People are literally paying thousands of dollars to call the Browns plays.....and we paid Freddie Kitchens and Hue Jackson millions upon millions of dollars to do it?? No offense to the two worst head coaches in the history of the NFL, but I don't think they were $5 million a year better than a fan. Actually, I know they weren't. Hue Jackson wasn't even $1 better than the dumbest human being to ever walk the Earth. And I know that sounds harsh and all, but if the dumbest human being to ever walk the Earth was the coach of the 2017 Browns, they'd still have won the same amount of games: zero.

Again, I guess we can't hate on Stefanski until we go 4-12 and fire him after one season like we always do, but I wouldn't be opposed to axing this idea for the preseason and just letting fans call plays all the time. With all of this talent, at least if we still sucked we couldn't complain about the coach. Besides, the entire Dawg Pound has known more football than every single coach that's walked the sidelines since we came back in 1999. And hell, while we're at it, let the fans make draft picks, too. General Manager by popular vote of the season ticket holders. Literally, how much worse could it get? What would the fans have done, draft Brandon Weeden and Johnny Manziel? Try and trade for AJ McCarron but forget to notify the league office before the deadline? Keep a coach that went 1-15 and then followed it up with 0-16?

The fact of the matter is that if this contest went to the common Browns fan, we'd be just fine. Maybe even better off. But unfortunately it goes to the highest bidder. Takes 99.9% of us out of the running. With that being said, I honestly wouldn't be suprised if Hue Jackson won this auction. He's got the money (we're paying him millions not to coach) and he thinks his 3-36-1 record in Cleveland comes from the rosters fault, not his. I mean, it's really not that bad of an idea for him. Two 7 play touchdown drives and next thing you know, he's right back in the head coaching search mix.