Next Up Will Be Kevin Durant Coming Home To DC In 2016



You probably missed it, but LeBron James has decided to go home to Cleveland to play for the Cavs. Said in his letter that he wanted to bring a title to where he’s from, wanted his kids to grow up where he’s from or something, all that jazz. Well, there’s another player who is an upcoming free agent who could very well do the same thing. And that player’s name is Kevin Durant.

In case you’ve never heard of Kevin Durant, he’s a basketball player from the state of Maryland was drafted behind Greg Oden in the NBA draft. But the thing about Durant is he loves Maryland. Loves DC. That’s the difference between him and LeBron. Whenever it’s convenient for LeBron, he’s “just a kid from Akron” and separates himself from Cleveland. Then when it’s convenient again, he’s “going home to Cleveland”. LeBron wears Yankees hats. Cowboys hats. Front runner all the way. That’s why Miami fit him well. But not Durant. He wears Redskins hats everywhere. Stands on the sidelines at Redskins games too. Releases shoes inspired by Maryland crabs. Has a giant tattoo on his back that simply reads “Maryland” and a curly W Nats tattoo randomly on his stomach. He’s a Maryland/DC guy through and through and through.


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KD is a free agent in 2016. I’m not a salary cap expert, but I would not mind one bit if the Wizards didn’t sign Ariza now in order to keep that space open to give Durant the max deal in 2016. It will be hard to get Wall, Beal, and Durant all under contract, but I’ve looked it over briefly and it’s doable. Definitely doable. That would be the best 1-2-3 punch the league has ever seen.

I’m not one for bold predictions, but I’d be shocked if KD isn’t a Washington Wizard in 2016. There are few things pure in this world anymore, and home is one of the few. It feels right. It feels good. Come on home bud. I’ll start working on a suit for ya.