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Mayor Lightfoot Will Call The Cops On You For Protesting The Shut Down In Large Groups

So I stumbled upon this tweet last morning as I was doing my typical shit, shower and shave routine while scanning twitter. Didn't think too much of it; I can see both sides of the argument with the whole "stay closed/open up" argument and understand why people are vehemently for or against it. 

Now it looks like these people are protesting peacefully. Doesn't seem like there are any shenanigans going on, at least from this singular still shot. I'm not here to argue the science behind it, but peacefully protesting in and of itself I have no problem with. But does a pandemic skew that? Does the gray area of large gatherings like this mean you can't protest right now as it's a health risk?

Apparently, Mayor Lori Lightfoot thinks so:

That's her call. I'm not saying it was the correct or incorrect one, but it is her call. I think. I don't know micropolitics and what the Mayor's power is, but let's assume it's her call for all intents and purposes. Guess that means we're gonna have to protest 6+ feet apart or and/do it over Zoom. That's an unalienable right of ours.  This isn't the Soviet Union or Tiananmen Square. But then again.... we're talking about a pandemic. That shit spreads easily and we want to get rid of it. So do we sacrifice our rights in order to get rid of it asap? Again, not sure what the answer is there, but what I do know Mayor Lightfoot has an impossible choice to make. 

But what cannot happen is this:

If you protest and block traffic, you're an asshole. Plain and simple. Go protest in Grant Park, North Ave Beach or with the penguins at the Shedd Aquarium. Just don't block traffic. If you do that you're not proving a point, you're just a massive fucking dickhead. In fact you're doing the opposite. You're making people think you're a dickhead with agenda and they won't agree with your stance. 

Not gonna go as far as saying what Portnoy did a few years back, but traffic blocking protestors are the worst people on earth. Oh and also, speaking of the Soviet Union, watch Smitty, Balls and I dominate the City of Verdansk in Warzone at 10am CST. We're going for that first dub as a squad still.

Let's get it.