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Wake Up With the Copacabana Scene from “Goodfellas”

According to published reports, The Copacabana, the legendary New York nightclub, is closing its door for good.

Famous for generations as the place where mobsters, business leaders, politicians, cop and show business elites all rubbed elbows, it later became known more for the Barry Manilow song of the same name. But from now until the universe collapses in on itself, The Copa will forever be associated with this scene. 

From one of the 10 greatest Guy Movies ever made, this is the most celebrated continuous tracking shot in cinema history. Two and a half minutes long. Done in one take. By a single steadycam operator. With flawless detail, staging, timing and choreography. It's Peak Scorcese, and that is not a statement you say lightly.It's a movie within the movie, and tells a mini-story all its own. If the owners were smart, they'd keep just that section of The Copa open and charge tourists to walk down those back stairs, hallways and kitchen and let them record it. I know I'd pay good money for the privilege.