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Get Your Week Rolling With The Best Of Jersey Shore Season 1

It doesn't matter what the coronavirus or the calendar says. Summer started this weekend and will continue until Labor Day. So we are getting into the spirit of things by watching the highlights of the show that started a revolution: Jersey Shore season 1. 50 minutes of nonstop fist pumps, gorilla juiceheads, "Ronnie Stahhhhhhp"s, and general tomfoolery than you can handle. Even Snooki getting sucker punched by that scumbag made the cut, which was a legitimate unforgettable TV moment when it happened and I feel like ended with the kid getting fired. The day after Memorial Day was a staple in KFC's worst days of the year list even when there wasn't a worldwide pandemic shutting everything down. So reverse the bad juju by reliving some warm memories of these goddamn mamalukes acting like maniacs back in the day before they became washed Olds like yours truly.

Also it doesn't get talked about enough but Angelina willfully going home before Jersey Shore became a cultural phenomenon is an all-time bonehead move, even if she made her way back onto it later in the franchise's history. That's the Mets trading Nolan Ryan at the age of 24 along with 3 other players for Jim Fregosi level of bonehead.