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It's Up To You To Pick The New 5th Year Logo

5th Year launched in the fall of 2017. Since then it's gained over 2.5 million followers on Instagram. It's been a great follow to keep up with all those crazy college kids. 

5th Year is ready for a change, though. Their current logo need to be changed. 

It's not awful, but it certainly needs to be updated. 

5th Year put out a call for submissions for their new logo. The results were so good that they named 10 finalists and decided to leave it up to the Stoolies to decide which will be their new logo. 

Here are the finalists:

To vote, pick the logo that you prefer with it's number next to it. 

The creators of said logos are

1. Emily K

2. Allison P

3. Harrison G. 

4. Daniel R.

5. Daniel R.

6. Killian K.

7. Chelsea G. 

8. Gabe B. 

9. Tara R.

10. Morgan L.