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20 Movies You Should Stream This Week According To Kenjac

1. Hostiles

Do you like Christian Bale? Do you like solem western movies? Then this is the picture for you my friend.

2. Sin City

I don't know if I can call this a classic or anything, but the movie fucking rocks as anyone will tell you. 

3. The Master 

I mentioned this last week with Capote, but man do I miss PSH. Him and Phoenix are an incredible combination and make this one of Paul Thomas Anderson's best movies.  

4. Sweet Virginia 

I'm a little torn with this rec only because I think this movie is just OK. The performances are insanely good, but the movie just drags a bit for my taste. 

5. Steve Jobs

You've probably seen this before, but if not I highly recommend it. Fass man is awesome, and the movie does a great job at pacing out the history of Apple.

1. Ready or Not 

I didn't really have a ton of expectations for this movie going into it, but I left pleasantly surprised. It's wild, gory and absurd suspense. What's not to love?

2. Apocalypse Now 

I mean, you have to watch this if you've never seen. I don't think you need me to tell you that. 

3. Judge Dredd

I prefer the remake with Karl Urban, which is one of the more underrated action movies of the last few decades, but the original is still a fun mess. 

4. True Lies 

Watch it for the Jamie Lee Curtis dancing scene alone if you have to. AOOOOOOOGA! 

5. Rise of the Planet of the Apes

As unbiased as I can say it as a Chernin guy, this movie rocks. Remember when people thought the Mark Wahlberg Planet of the Apes movie was going to be good? Christ.

1. The Hunt for the Wilderpeople 

Taika Waititi has really never missed in my opinion, but I really think he did some of his best work in his NZ-based movies. 

2. Misery

I don't know if this is considered a hot take, but Kathy Bates and James Caen put on their career-best performances in this movie. 

3. The Skeleton Twins

It's Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig, man! This is a comedy-drama so don't expect all laughs, but it's funny as hell and does hit great dramatic notes. 

4. Mom and Dad

This is one of the earlier movies that we reviewed on LCB, and it's still as crazy as I remember. It's not exactly so bad it's good, I think it's just genuinely good. It's a self aware psycho movie and I think it will at least give you some worthwhile laughs. 

5. Luce 

I don't think this movie clicked with regular audience members the way director Julius Onah expected, but I really enjoyed it. It captures such a genuine feeling of discomfort that is tough to convey over camera. 

1. One Child Nation

I think we all know a small amount about the one child policy, but I think this doc do a great job at showing the long term trauma and effects of it. 

2. Witness 

What a fantastic Harrison Ford role that just gets lost in the volume of his '85-2000 work. Beyond that, it's also just a cool concept for a procedural drama. 

3. Lionheart

I refuse to be lowered to having to pitch a JCVD movie. 

4. Blue Jasmine 

There is some fantastic performances in this sort of black comedy, sort of dramatic movie. It might not be for everyone, but the people that like it will really like it. 

5. Bernie 

By far Jack Black's best performance as an actor, this is a hilarious and weirdly accurate portrayal of real life mortician-turned-murder Bernie Tiede