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Phil Ivey Wants Next




This is what I've been saying! 


This is what the world needs. Today's match was great. It was cool. Some would even say it was neat. But it was missing the realness. These guys playing out there are bazillionaires. And if you've ever heard Phil Ivey or Daniel talk about high stakes golf, man, they play for real stakes. 6 figure swings per hole. Bets inside of bets inside of bets. I don't know how open they would be about it because at times the betting gets absurd (there's stories of getting 8:1 on $300,000 putts and shit like that) but if we got Ivey, Tiger, Phil, and Negreanu on the golf course mic'd up and completely uncensored, it would be a degenerates dream. 

Sometimes I tell people how much Ivey plays for and they can't even conceptualize it. There's an amazing clip of Ivey talking about the 2010 Super Bowl and Barry Greenstein asks him if he won or lost his Super Bowl bet and Ivey can only remember he bet $200k, he can't remember which side he had. He goes "won 200, lost 200, what's the difference?". The money doesn't phase him. 



Is the world ready for REAL high stakes golf? Does anyone know if Durrr can swing the sticks?