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Tom Brady Is Very Much Not Over Losing To The Eagles In The Super Bowl

I know Eagles fans are gonna be all "Rent free!" about this but I do think this is legitimately fascinating. Twice now Tom has gone out of his way to remark about losing to the Eagles in Super Bowl LII. Peyton brought up both losses to Eli Manning, didn't care. Those happened three rings ago for Brady. I'm sure he'd have preferred winning those, too, but the sting from those Ls appears to have subsided. The Eagles though? Nick Foles? Doesn't sit well with his soul. Not one bit. And it's tough to blame him. 

Not that the Eagles didn't deserve to win, they absolutely did. They rode that underdog shit til the wheels fell off. The Patriots defense played about as well as Tom Brady is currently on the front nine. The Eagles defense did not play much better, they just made one play when it mattered most. Here are the records the Patriots offense set in that Super Bowl:

Most passing yards in a single postseason game: 505 (Brady, Tom)

Most points scored by a losing team: 33 (Patriots)

Most passing attempts without an interception: 48 (Brady, Tom... Tied with... Brady, Tom from 2008)

Most completions of 20+ yards in a single Super Bowl: Brady, Tom

I don't put a lot of stock in Brady "checking out" as it has been loosely reported around New England the past few weeks. But the way one of the most stoic, unflappable quarterbacks of all time has reacted to the Eagles even being brought up lets me know he blames someone not named Tom Brady for that loss to Philly. Which is fair. Belichick went out and bolstered the defense for the following season and the Patriots allowed a whopping three (3) points in the following Super Bowl. Brady got the ring he was owed but that apparently wasn't enough to make up for it. Nick Foles catching that touchdown plays on an endless loop in his mind.