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Michigan President Has "Some Degree Of Doubt" That Football Will Happen "Anywhere" This Fall

This isn't the best quote to wake up to on a Sunday. That being said, please take a deep breath (through your nose, stop mouth breathing it's bad for you), and let's think about this for a second. 

Mark Schlissel is the president of a top university. He is expected to say the right and safe thing. That's exactly what he did. It's also worth noting he doesn't want any political issues at this point and I'm sure you've seen how Michigan's governor has handled this. Schlissel's quote means something, but not a whole lot. Think about the outcomes. 

Option 1: School is online, football doesn't happen. 

President Schlissel can say he was right and was putting the safety of his students first over the financial gain of football and having students on campus. 

Option 2: School is in person, football happens. 

President Schlissel can say he was just being safe and is happy that he was wrong. Of course he wants students on campus and football playing. He's the president of the university!

At this point, I am fully confident that the season will happen. I don't make the decisions, though. I could easily be wrong, but with campuses across the country signaling that they will be coming back to campus this fall and sports restarting is an encouraging sign. We'll keep an eye on everything here at Barstool SPORTS, but this quote doesn't change my feeling much. I think Schlissel was just being a President of a major university.